Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek


Rick Horrow is a leading expert in the business of sports. As chief executive officer of Horrow Sports Ventures, he has been the architect of 103 deals worth more than $13 billion in sports and urban infrastructure projects. He is also the sports business analyst for CNN, Fox Sports, and the Fox Business Channel. Karla Swatek is vice-president of Horrow Sports Ventures and co-author of Beyond the Box Score: An Insider's Guide to the $750 Billion Business of Sports (2010). Horrow is also the host of Sportfolio, a new program on Bloomberg TV that airs Wednesday nights at 9 pm ET.

Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek

Articles by Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek



  • Athletes Give Thanks, Give Back
    Athletes Give Thanks, Give Back
    True stories of pro and amateur athletes whose passion for helping others off the field is as strong as their competiveness on the field
  • The NFL vs. the EPL
    With the threat of a lockout, NFL owners such as Glazer and Kroenke are becoming more focused on profiting from the English Premier League
  • The Super Bowl is a Money Bowl
    Forget the Colts or Saints. With millions in revenue expected, the NFL, hotels, and vendors will be the real winners of Super Bowl XLIV
  • BCS: Buckets of Cash Series
    College football's Bowl Championship Series generates almost the same kind of dollars as the Super Bowl or World Series
  • Who Benefits From Tiger Woods' Scandal?
    Certainly not Woods, his sponsors, his family, or the charities he supports. But TV ratings for his next match will be stratospheric



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