Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek


Rick Horrow is a leading expert in the business of sports. As chief executive officer of Horrow Sports Ventures, he has been the architect of 103 deals worth more than $13 billion in sports and urban infrastructure projects. He is also the sports business analyst for CNN, Fox Sports, and the Fox Business Channel. Karla Swatek is vice-president of Horrow Sports Ventures and co-author of Beyond the Box Score: An Insider's Guide to the $750 Billion Business of Sports (2010). Horrow is also the host of Sportfolio, a new program on Bloomberg TV that airs Wednesday nights at 9 pm ET.

Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek

Articles by Rick Horrow and Karla Swatek



  • NFL's Silent Stakeholders
    Hundreds of businesses and thousands of workers across the U.S. stood to lose billions of dollars if the NFL lockout hadn't ended
  • Pro Sports Gave Generously in 2010
    Sure, a lot of top athletes make crazy money, but America's four major sports leagues—the NFL, MLB, NBA and PGA—give away crazy money too
  • NBA Lockout’s Winners and Losers
    NBA Lockout’s Winners and Losers
    The 2012 NBA season has been saved, but at what cost?
  • The NFL vs. the EPL
    With the threat of a lockout, NFL owners such as Glazer and Kroenke are becoming more focused on profiting from the English Premier League
  • Having a Ball at the U.S. Open
    At America's biggest tennis competition, expect healthy spending, wild outfits, and great matches



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