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Olga Kharif is a reporter for Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek in Portland, Ore. Kharif joined BusinessWeek in November 2000 as a reporter. Previously, she interned at BusinessWeek's Washington (D.C.) bureau. In spring 2000, Kharif was Northwestern's Pew Fellow and covered the Presidential campaign for the YVote2000 project. She also interned for People and worked for a summer at The Oregonian. Kharif has a graduate journalism degree from Northwestern University.

Olga Kharif

Articles by Olga Kharif


  • Serious Threats to Sirius Radio
    Web outfits like Pandora, Foneshow, Stitcher, and Slacker broadcast portable and mobile content that makes Sirius look overpriced and stodgy
  • Nokia Targets the U.S. Market
    AT&T will carry Nokia's super-thin e71x smartphone for $100, posing a rival to the iPhone and BlackBerry as Nokia focuses on the U.S. market
  • EBay Wants to Put Skype in Your Pocket
    As the Internet phone service makes its iPhone debut, can mobile phones add enough value to fatten up eBay's lackluster division for sale?
  • Prepaid Wireless Takes Off
    Consumers are abandoning traditional subscription plans, which may curb growth for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile
  • Can Apple Keep a Shine on the iPhone?
    It needs to focus on hardware and competitive pricing if it plans to stay ahead of rivals introducing their own cheap and feature-rich smartphones




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