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Olga Kharif is a reporter for Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek in Portland, Ore. Kharif joined BusinessWeek in November 2000 as a reporter. Previously, she interned at BusinessWeek's Washington (D.C.) bureau. In spring 2000, Kharif was Northwestern's Pew Fellow and covered the Presidential campaign for the YVote2000 project. She also interned for People and worked for a summer at The Oregonian. Kharif has a graduate journalism degree from Northwestern University.

Olga Kharif

Articles by Olga Kharif


  • Will Craigslist Have to Crack Down?
    South Carolina joins other states in calling for tighter Craigslist ad scrutiny, which could threaten Craigslist's low-cost, laissez faire business model
  • Sirius XM's Subscriber Drain
    With auto plants shuttering and consumer demand in the doldrums, Sirius' larger-than-expected customer losses could continue into 2010
  • Virtual Currencies Gain in Popularity
    Gaming companies, startups, even social networks like Facebook and MySpace are developing "cash" technologies for online transactions
  • Sprint: Glimmers of Progress
    Sprint Nextel is still losing money and subscribers, but a closer look at those numbers, plus help from Amazon's Kindle and the coming Palm Pre, offer hope
  • Motorola: Android Help on the Way
    By yearend, the U.S. handset maker plans to roll out several smartphones based on the Android operating system spearheaded by Google




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