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Olga Kharif is a reporter for Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek in Portland, Ore. Kharif joined BusinessWeek in November 2000 as a reporter. Previously, she interned at BusinessWeek's Washington (D.C.) bureau. In spring 2000, Kharif was Northwestern's Pew Fellow and covered the Presidential campaign for the YVote2000 project. She also interned for People and worked for a summer at The Oregonian. Kharif has a graduate journalism degree from Northwestern University.

Olga Kharif

Articles by Olga Kharif


  • Apple iPhone Software: Developers See Green
    The in-app purchasing tool on the iPhone 3.0 makes it easy for app developers to increase sales—and helps Apple compete for mobile software
  • The iPhone's Wary New Rivals
    By cutting prices on some iPhones, Apple is moving its iconic handset onto turf held by low-end smartphones and full-featured cell phones
  • Qualcomm, Freescale Bet on 'Smartbooks'
    The rival chipmakers are attacking the Intel-Microsoft dominance in netbooks by marketing small laptops with a name that suggests a smartphone
  • A Pall Over Palm's Pre
    The long-awaited debut of the new Palm smartphone is marred by shortages and overshadowed by Apple's announcement of a cheaper iPhone
  • Intel-WindRiver: What the Merger Means
    As software and hardware technology converge in non-PC computing, more partnerships are likely between chipmakers and software makers




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