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  • Five Technologies for 2010 Investment
    From mobile commerce and home networking to business intelligence, here are the technologies Gartner says CEOs will pursue as they escape the downturn
  • Britain to Go Forward with Broadband Tax
    The government looks set to pass an annual levy of $9.80 on residential fixed lines in the U.K. to pay for the rollout of fast broadband to 90% of…
  • NHS Vows to Cut IT Revamp by $978 Million
    Under budget-cutting pressure from the government, Britain's National Health Service will scale back its ambitious info systems overhaul to "core elements"
  • Getting Outsourcing Right
    CIOs from Britain's Highways Agency and Tube Lines talk candidly about how to make outsourcing deals work better and yield greater savings
  • Squeezing Out Savings from Outsourcing
    When Britain's Royal Mail realized it was already paying rock bottom prices for outsourced IT services, the only way to save more money was to use…




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