Megan Lum


Megan Lum is enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the University of Washington Foster School of Business and is expected to graduate in 2010. Halfway through the program and as a result of the economic downturn, Lum lost her job as a senior environmental manager at Weyerhaeuser Company—not to mention the funding for her education. But she found another job at Pacific Gas & Electric Company in San Francisco, where she's been since January 2010. Lum has an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Windsor in Canada.

Megan Lum

Articles by Megan Lum


  • On Graduation Day
    "In some ways, the prior two academic years seemed like a very long time. In others, they seemed so very short"
  • Finding a Common Language
    "I learned a lot of things on the trip … probably as much interacting with locals as I did on company visits and at lectures"
  • A Very Long Week
    "Even though it had been less than a week since I'd seen my classmates, those six days felt much, much longer"
  • Swimming Toward Change
    "Although it seemed to be an easy decision to make, taking the new job did present a dilemma"
  • Executive MBAs: A Conversation Starter
    "I've had conversations about my MBA program on airplanes, in hotel lobbies, in airports, and doctors' waiting rooms"




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