Andy Rinehart


Andy Rinehart is enrolled in the full-time MBA program at the Wake Forest Schools of Business. Hoping to become a JD/MBA candidate, which means four years of school, Rinehart is expected to graduate in 2013. Before pursuing an MBA, Rinehart served his country by leading more than 50 Army combat missions in Baghdad and taking part in noncombat activities including local economic assessments and fuel ration distributions. Earning his undergraduate degree, magna cum laude, from Wake Forest in 2005, Rinehart began his eight-year military service in the university's ROTC program.

Andy Rinehart

Articles by Andy Rinehart


  • The Pros and Cons of B-School
    "There's no substitute for real-world experience, and the more you can introduce this into an MBA program, the better"
  • Gearing Up for Summer
    "I see summer as an opportunity to look beyond traditional work experiences and find something that's challenging, stimulating, and fun"
  • Competition Calling
    "It should come as no great surprise that I really enjoy competition in all its forms"
  • B-School: More Work, Less Play
    "One of my teammates has a family, and he has found the most success in treating school like a full-time job. I look at school the same way"
  • Surviving the Start of B-School
    "What surprised me most was the moment I discovered I was not merely learning with my team, but also learning from them"




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