Mathew Ingram is an award-winning journalist who has spent the past 15 years writing about business, technology and new media as a reporter, columnist and blogger. Until recently he was a blogger and technology writer for the Globe and Mail newspaper, and was also the paper's first online Communities Editor, where he helped the paper learn about and appreciate the benefits of social-media tools. Mathew is also one of the founders of mesh, Canada's leading Web conference.

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Last Updated: 06:33 pm Market Summary

S&P500 2052.75 4.03
DJIA 17719.0 33.27
NASDAQ 4701.867 26.155
Stoxx 50 3102.21 -20.91
FTSE 100 6678.9 -17.7
DAX 9483.97 11.17
Nikkei 17300.86 12.11
Topix 1397.64 1.1
Hang Seng 23349.64 -23.67