Kiah Lau Haslett is an editorial intern for Bloomberg Businessweek.

Kiah Lau Haslett

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  • How to Boost B-School Alumni Giving
    Contributions from young MBA alumni are down, and experts say that's unlikely to change. Here's what schools can do to loosen the purse strings
  • An MBA Dream Deferred
    With the economy in turmoil, more students are seeking admission deferrals, opting for the security of a paycheck over the great unknown
  • Orientation: MBAs Hitting the Books
    At some schools, MBA orientation is becoming less about building trust and more about getting the incoming class up to speed on business fundamentals
  • Curriculum Changes Bring MBA Core Front and Center
    To make students better internship candidates, schools are cramming business basics into the first few classes they take, and it's working



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