Karla Swatek is vice-president of Horrow Sports Ventures and co-author of Beyond the Box Score: An Insider's Guide to the $750 Billion Business of Sports.

Karla Swatek

Articles by Karla Swatek


  • Down Derby
    Total wagers fell again at the 2008 Kentucky Derby. In the midst of a recession will bettors continue to keep their hands in their pockets?
  • NBA Playoffs Are Paying Off
    Despite the economy, the NBA is boosting its revenue, and the long-term prospects are as hot as LeBron James
  • NCAA: Strong Ratings, Weak Attendance
    The NCAA Tournament has been an economic bust, but the Final Four—to be held in Detroit—could still provide a nice lift for struggling Motown
  • NCAA '09: No Cinderellas but Plenty of Fairy Tales
    The Big Dance this year was marked by all kinds of wackiness, from an absence of perfect brackets to strained relations in the Obama family
  • March Madness' Success Is a Big Gamble
    Even in a recession, bracket pools around the U.S. are likely to total more than $3 billion this year for the NCAA tournament




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