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Karen E. Klein is a Los Angeles-based writer who covers entrepreneurship and small-business issues. E-mail your questions to Klein to get specific advice from experts in her twice-weekly columns.

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Send us your questions on challenges you face in your business. Journalist Karen E. Klein will interview experts and distill their insights into answers.

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Karen E. Klein

Articles by Karen E. Klein


  • After You Lose 'Floorplan' Funding
    First determine why your bank closed your existing credit line. Then look for one that participates in the SBA's loan guarantee program
  • Business Owners' Holiday Giving Plans
    A new survey shows small companies are planning to do more for their customers than their employees this season
  • When a 'Pop-Up' Shop Makes Sense
    Retailers could set up a temporary storefront if they expect a seasonal spike in sales, says Pitney Bowes Business Insight's Deb Purcell
  • The Medical Marijuana Business Matures
    In the few places that allow storefront dispensaries, entrepreneurs are adopting nonprofit business models to cope with legal gray areas
  • Tax Planning in 2009
    Because of poor sales and pending legislation, common tax strategies might not apply to this year. Meet with your accountant and consider this advice




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