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Karen E. Klein is a Los Angeles-based writer who covers entrepreneurship and small-business issues. E-mail your questions to Klein to get specific advice from experts in her twice-weekly columns.

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Send us your questions on challenges you face in your business. Journalist Karen E. Klein will interview experts and distill their insights into answers.

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Karen E. Klein

Articles by Karen E. Klein


  • The Latest on the Estate Tax Lapse
    A certified financial planner explains why the IRS isn't collecting the estate tax in 2010 and offers advice to family business owners preparing…
  • A Push for 'Ethical Innovation'
    Glenn Llopis says that instead of focusing solely on profit, business leaders should insist their companies and employees have a positive social impact
  • When the Domain Name You Want Is Already Taken
    First determine who owns it and when ownership will expire. Then contact the owner directly and also prepare to bid on it via an online service
  • Using a Kitchen Incubator to Get Started
    Food businesses are hard to run profitably. Entrepreneurs in a California training program and commercial facility reveal what to expect
  • The Right Name for Your Business
    Keep domain-name availability in mind and ask a friend or relative with a knack for words to help you brainstorm. You can also hire a consultant or agency




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