Jessica Silver-Greenberg is a reporter for She has written previously for The New York Times, Ms. Magazine, Newsweek, and Pacifica Radio's WBAI. Silver-Greenberg has a degree in literature and American studies from Princeton University.

Jessica Silver-Greenberg

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  • M&A Goes Hostile
    M&A Goes Hostile
    Unfriendly bids—like Kraft's for Cadbury—are rising, and defenses are weaker
  • New Credit-Card Rules Kick In
    The good news: Cardholders will get more notice about rate increases. The bad news: Rates are already going up
  • A Different Kind of Credit-Card Company
    A Different Kind of Credit-Card Company
    With a new federal credit-card law coming, PartnersFirst's model of no fees, steady rates, and reduced risk may point toward the industry's future
  • Old Banks, New Lending Tricks
    Old Banks, New Lending Tricks
    Lenders haven't sworn off risky financial products. They've come up with a slew of new ones
  • Will Tax Breaks Boost Jobs?
    Will Tax Breaks Boost Jobs?
    States are doling out billions to woo companies and revive local economies. But their incentives may be undermining America's recovery plan




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