Jeremy Dommu


Jeremy Dommu is enrolled in the full-time MBA program at the George Washington University School of Business in Washington, D.C., and is expected to graduate in 2011. As a Global Leadership Fellow, Dommu won a full academic scholarship. He also earned a certificate in training in greenhouse gas accounting from the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. After earning his undergraduate accounting degree at GW in 2004, he was a senior associate at Reznick Group, an accounting and advisory business in Bethesda, Md., before pursuing the MBA.

Jeremy Dommu

Articles by Jeremy Dommu


  • A Change in Career Strategy
    "Working toward a solution to climate change is still among my top priorities, but my future career will probably not be created by an act of Congress"
  • Making a Sustainable Difference
    "Businesses can play a major part in solving the climate crisis in a manner that actually earns them money"
  • The Seoul of Business School
    "This trip demonstrated the value of an MBA, as I was able to apply the skills I have acquired over the past year"
  • Greener Pastures, Please
    "A more carbon-conscious economy would provide exciting new career opportunities for nearly any MBA student, regardless of his concentration"
  • No More Steady Paycheck
    "I believe that the projects I'm involved in outside of class are the most valuable and justify the time I'm putting into this degree"




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