Jeff Schmitt


Jeff Schmitt is an online columnist for Bloomberg Businessweek. He has spent 17 years in sales, marketing, project management, training, legal compliance, and recruiting. You can reach him via e-mail or follow him on Twitter.

Jeff Schmitt

Articles by Jeff Schmitt


  • The Hosni Mubarak in Each of Us
    If you're a senior business leader confronted with discontent from the rank and file, your reaction just might mirror that of the Egyptian President
  • Elegy for a Fired Executive
    When a corporation casts aside a respected president, the author needs to do some sorting out and soul searching
  • A Recipe for Repurification
    Losing Face: A Guide to Redemption
    You've blundered conspicuously. Here's how to regain some respect from your co-workers, supervisors, the public—anybody who knows about it
  • Personal Damage Control
    So you've made a huge mistake on the job, and everybody knows. We feel your pain. We want to help
  • You're a Sellout. What Now?
    Surely you never planned to let your job and career erode your integrity. Yet it happened. Here are some solutions


  • Managing the Office Pest
    He means well and maybe is even a little lovable, but a needy co-worker sure can suck the life out of you
  • How to Tell You're Losing Your Integrity
    It really is a long, slippery slope. Stop and think about your behavior before you end up fired, jailed, audited, hated—or simply filled with regret
  • Do You Believe Your Own Hype?
    Check out our list of 12 signs that you're caught up in hubris, clinging to your former wunderkind status, or otherwise deluding yourself on the job
  • Ten Ways to Cope With an Apathetic Boss
    You're not responsible for your supervisor's attitude or behavior, but ignoring the boss' performance can hurt your career
  • Breaking out of Insular Cultures
    Are your reports afraid to voice legitimate complaints? Is your every word straight from the party line? Maybe it's time to rethink



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