Warren is a reporter for Bloomberg News.

James Warren

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  • Why the Senate Is Sitting on 309 Bills
    The "hold" is a tactic so juvenile that it isn't even in the Senate rules. Yet it's never been more common, and it's keeping important legislation at bay
  • It Pays to Help Workers Buy a Home
    A slew of new programs offer employees the chance to purchase a house with company assistance. It's more than a nice gesture—it's a cost-saver, too
  • How Wal-Mart Won Chicago
    The company needs new territory. The city needs sales tax revenue and jobs. So what took everyone so long to do the logical thing?
  • Cough If You Need Sick Leave
    Americans shouldn't have to work when sick or lose pay, but is the aftermath of the Great Recession the right time to add another new business cost?
  • Commentary: The Hole in High School Equivalency
    The GED was created as a second chance for students to get a degree and move up the economic ladder. New data show it fails to deliver



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