Heather Green


Heather Green is an associate editor for BusinessWeek. Green started at BusinessWeek in 1997, breaking ground on a series of Internet trends. Prior to BusinessWeek, Green worked for three years at Bloomberg News. Green holds a graduate degree from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris and an undergrad degree from the University of Virginia. Her awards include the New York Press Club Crystal Gavel Award and the Front Page Award from the Newswomen's Club of New York.

Heather Green

Articles by Heather Green


  • Wake Up and Smell the Zeitgeist
    Sensitivity to cultural shifts may not be common at most corporations—but it's an art that can be learned
  • Amazon Profits Amid Recession
    For the second quarter in a row, the e-tailer's earnings beat expectations. Even without price discounts, it's grabbing more market share
  • Can Amazon's Stock Surge Last?
    The share price has doubled in four months amid signs Amazon is outperforming e-commerce rivals in the downturn. Some analysts say the rally will slacken
  • Twitter Has Potential Buyers Atwitter
    As the microblogging service explodes in popularity, the suitors are lining up. Facebook has already made a play—others will likely follow




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