George Paulin


George Paulin is Chairman and CEO of Frederic W. Cook & Co., Inc. Founded in 1973, the firm focuses on independent evaluation of performance-based compensation programs that help companies attract and retain key employees, motivate and reward them for improved performance, and align their interests with long-term shareowners. Frederic W. Cook & Co has served more than 2,000 corporations, including more than half of the 250 largest market capitalization companies in the U.S. The firm specializes in the design of compensation programs tailored to a particular business situation and strategy.

George Paulin

Articles by George Paulin


  • Five 'Say-on-Pay' Lessons
    Now that we've experienced the first proxy season since the Dodd-Frank say-on-pay compensation provision took effect, what are the lessons?
  • Executive Compensation Outlook
    The drop in salaries will not continue, but accountability will escalate for compensation committees, and so will "Say on Pay" voting




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