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Gene Marks, CPA, is the owner of the Marks Group, which sells customer relationship, service, and financial management tools to small and midsize businesses. Marks is the author of four best-selling small business books and writes the popular "Penny Pincher's Almanac" syndicated column. He frequently speaks to business groups on penny-pinching topics. More penny-pinching advice from Marks can be found at

Gene Marks

Articles by Gene Marks


  • Staying Cool If Inflation Heats Up
    Here are a few things small business owners can do to prepare for inflation, if economist Arthur Laffer's predictions turn out to be right
  • Windows 7: Another Reason to Dread the Holidays
    Microsoft's new operating system, due for release in late October, will hit many small business owners' wallets in many different ways
  • Ignore the Card Check Debate
    Why support for legislation that makes it easier to unionize is weakening, and why small employers weren't worried about it in the first place
  • Beware Social Media Marketing Myths
    MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook are all the rage, but for most business owners there are better ways to stay close to customers
  • Why I Love Exxon
    Even with a 58% drop in earnings this past quarter from last year, the oil giant did not lay anyone off




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