G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Vitón


G. Michael Maddock is chief executive, and Raphael Louis Vitón is president, of Maddock Douglas, an innovation consultancy that specializes in inventing and launching new products, services, and businesses. Maddock and Viton are the authors of Free the Idea Monkey (ISB Publishing, 2012), and Maddock is the author of Brand New: Solving the Innovation Paradox—How Great Brands Invent and Launch New Products, Services, and Business Models (Wiley, 2011).

G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Vitón

Articles by G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Vitón


  • Four Ways to 'Hear' Your Consumers
    How to break the cycle of arrogance and start innovating
  • Shift Happens
    Change creates lucrative opportunities for innovators who are willing to listen to consumers
  • Innovation: Size Matters
    Instead of trying to inflate a small idea, take a big one and tell consumers how it can change their lives
  • The Timely Death of B2B
    Start by thinking about the wants and needs of consumers, not those of the businesses that deliver products to them
  • The 'Not Invented Here' Challenge
    Don't let your organization's alpha males and females rip apart the big new solution. Encourage them to mark their territory before it's unveiled




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