Erin Zlomek is a reporter for Bloomberg News in New York.

Erin Zlomek

Articles by Erin Zlomek


  • Teachable Moments
    Executives Teaching in B-School
    With their knowledge, insights, and war stories, executives at the pinnacle of corporate power enrich the B-school experience for students
  • When College Says Yes But B-School Says No
    At state universities, would-be business majors can't land a berth at increasingly selective B-schools, leaving them in admissions limbo
  • Job Offers Increased for Class of 2011
    As the economy sputters, undergraduate hiring is up for the first time since the crisis. Those with business skills are better positioned than most
  • Schulich School of Business
    York: A Virtual Tour
    The full-time MBA at York's Schulich School of Business can be completed in 16 months and offers specializations in everything from finance, to…
  • The B-School Case Study Gets a Digital Makeover
    Tablet technology is beginning to transform case studies from straightforward narratives into complex and changeable plots—a metamorphosis nearly a…




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