Gerrymandering Bites Back

In 2011, Republicans who control Pennsylvania’s legislature redrew congressional districts to create safe GOP seats. They reaped the benefits in the 2012 House election:

But those supposedly secure districts also included many independents, some of whom are now angry about the GOP-led government shutdown and may turn against their representatives in 2014. Three House Republicans feeling the heat:

District 7
Although Pat Meehan’s district was drawn to make it rock-solid Republican, only 28 percent of voters said they approved of him in an Oct. 2-4 survey by Public Policy Polling.
District 8
On Oct. 17 the Cook Political Report downgraded Michael Fitzpatrick’s seat from “likely” Republican to “leans” Republican, reflecting a backlash against the shutdown.

District 16
Joe Pitts supported the shutdown to force concessions on Obamacare. His approval rating fell to 34 percent during the shutdown.


Weise is a reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek in Seattle. Follow her on Twitter @kyweise.

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