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Who Sits Where on Yellen vs. Summers

Picture the choice of the next Federal Reserve chair as a seesaw. Some influential Wall Street types with Democratic ties, including Steven Rattner and Roger Altman, are sitting on former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers’s side of the teeter-totter. Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen has strong support among women and Summers haters. The person with the power to tip the seesaw, President Barack Obama, is sitting right in the middle—for now. Here, in the spirit of the playground, is Bloomberg Businessweek‘s unscientific take on the politicking—roll over the circles to see who sits where. (Update: Key influencers who haven’t gone on the record aren’t included.)

McCann is a contributing graphics editor for Bloomberg Businessweek. Follow her on Twitter @atmccann.
Coy is Bloomberg Businessweek's economics editor. His Twitter handle is @petercoy.

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