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30 εκατομμύρια

30 εκατομμύρια

Under H.R. 6079, about 30 million fewer nonelderly people would have health insurance in 2022 than under current law, leaving a total of about 60 million nonelderly people uninsured (see Table 3). About 81 percent of legal nonelderly residents would have insurance coverage in 2022, compared with 92 percent projected under current law (and 82 percent currently).

Effects (PDF) on Insurance Coverage and Their Budgetary Impact, Douglas W. Elmendorf, director, Congressional Budget Office, in a letter to the Honorable John Boehner, Speaker of the House, U.S. House of Representatives, 24 July 2012.

The above is paragraph 1, page 9 of a dense 22.18-page letter. The remaining 22.03 pages are in Greek.

I say this as all Americans are bombarded with “analysis” of our health system. My bias is away from politics and more toward smart people who, like Team Elmendorf, have descended into the nitty-gritty-dirt-band of budget detail.

I don’t care if they are left, right or center, I just respect immensely those who construct and think about our budgetary Greek.

The eyes glaze over. Ryan is right! No! Biden is right! No! He’s left! They’re both wrong. They’re right. Read something. Watch TV I agree with! Listen to radio I hate. Get out the HP-12C. Put away the slide rule.

What to do?  Focus on the bodies. All of our collective uproar is simply an argument over 30 εκατομμύρια. Συζητήστε. (Discuss.)

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