The Associated Press November 4, 2010, 3:29PM ET

Obama sets out for 10-day Asia trip

After a rebuked by voters, President Barack Obama is turning overseas. He's heading to Asia for 10 days of diplomacy, tourism and dealmaking that could highlight his political skills on the world stage.

Obama risks criticism he's fleeing the Democrats' midterm election wreckage for friendlier territory as sets out Friday on the longest foreign trip of his presidency, a sojourn through India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan aimed at highlighting America's increasing engagement with Asia.

The trip is anchored by must-attend gatherings of world leaders in South Korea and Japan, timing unconnected to Tuesday's midterm elections. The abbreviated stop in Indonesia, where Obama spent four years as a boy, was already canceled and rescheduled twice. The trip aims to open up economic markets for U.S. goods.

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