The Associated Press November 1, 2010, 1:42PM ET

Russia and France set up shipbuilding consortium

Russian and French shipbuilders have signed an agreement to set up a consortium to build military and civilian ships.

Igor Ryabov, a spokesman for Russia's state-controlled United Shipbuilding Corporation said the agreement with French company DCNS was signed in St.Petersburg Monday. He didn't say what specific ships will be built by the new venture.

Russia's Defense Ministry promised to announce the results of an open tender for an amphibious assault vessel for the Russian navy later this year, which France is widely expected to win. Russia has negotiated buying one Mistral-class assault ship from France and building several more such vessels at its own shipyards under license.

Ryabov said his company is awaiting results of the Russian military tender and wouldn't give any details of the deal signed Monday.

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