The Associated Press May 19, 2010, 2:21PM ET

Report: Kan. could have 30,000 green jobs by 2012

Kansas has the potential to create up to 10,000 "green" jobs in the next two years, adding to the 20,000 people already working in that sector, according to a new state survey.

The Kansas Department of Labor released results Tuesday of a voluntary survey designed to gauge potential employment growth in sectors including renewable energy development, energy efficiency, agriculture and natural resource conservation, pollution prevention and remediation, and alternative transportation and fuels.

The report said the largest increases were expected in renewable energy, up 121 percent; energy efficiency, up 57 percent; and clean transportation and fuels, up 37 percent.

"This gives us our first good look at the areas of the green economy where we have jobs today and where we're likely to grow jobs in the future," said Kansas Department of Labor Secretary Jim Garner.

Bill Thornton, secretary of the Kansas Department of Commerce, said the survey supports efforts to provide programs that educate and train workers in biofuels production, installation of efficient furnaces, manufacturing of products for wind farms and dozens of other occupations.

"The survey shows clearly that the future demand for green skills and knowledge is significantly greater than the current demand," Thornton said. "That is good information to have as we consider future training efforts."

The report was based on a survey sent to more than 6,000 Kansas employers in late 2009, with about 55 percent responding.

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