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How California drought relief funds will be spent

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A $687 million plan announced Wednesday is aimed at addressing the state's immediate and pressing drought concerns.

Most of the funding comes from voter-approved bonds and is dedicated to projects that already are underway or are awaiting funds. Some of the expenditures were included in the governor's proposed budget for 2014-15.

The state also is tapping more than $75 million from its general fund, its main checkbook. Negotiations continue to revise an upcoming $11.1 billion bond addressing California's long-term water needs.

A look at how most of the latest money will be divvied up:

—$549 million for local and regional infrastructure grants including water conservation and recycling from voter-approved bond money

—$30 million for water efficiency and energy savings moved from greenhouse gas reduction fund

—$25.3 million for food assistance in drought-stricken areas from general fund

—$21 million for housing related assistance in drought-stricken areas from general fund

— $15 million to address emergency drinking water shortages from general fund

—$14 million for groundwater management, including for communities fighting contamination

—$13 million for conservation corps activities and wildfire prevention

—$10 million for water-saving irrigation and pumping systems from Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

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