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Former Czech PM joins central bank board

PRAGUE (AP) — Czech President Milos Zeman has appointed his ally and former Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok to the board of the central bank.

Rusnok is the first board member chosen by Zeman and is in favor of adopting the euro currency, unlike the current members selected by Zeman's predecessor Vaclav Klaus, a vocal euro-skeptic.

The Czech Republic is officially committed to joining the euro but the seven-member board has repeatedly advised the government not to set a target date.

Zeman, who has a pro-EU stance, will appoint four more members of the board during his term, meaning other pro-euro economists might follow Rusnok to join the board.

Rusnok was appointed to the six-year term Wednesday. An economic adviser to Zeman, he led a temporary caretaker government in June.

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