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Nasdaq stocks posting largest percentage increases

NEW YORK (AP) — A look at the 10 biggest percentage gainers on Nasdaq at the close of trading:

BCSB BankCorp. rose 28.4 percent to $21.79.

Carver Bancorp rose 16.0 percent to $5.80.

Prudential BanCorp of Pennsylvania rose 15.1 percent to $9.60.

Cordia Bancorp Inc. rose 13.4 percent to $5.00.

Groupon Inc. rose 11.5 percent to $7.65.

Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd. rose 11.4 percent to $7.80.

SCG Financial Acquis rose 11.2 percent to $11.95.

Uni-Pixel Inc. rose 11.1 percent to $15.76.

USMD Holdings Inc. rose 8.8 percent to $21.65.

Prothena Corp. rose 7.6 percent to $11.36.

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