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Most active Nasdaq-traded stocks

NEW YORK (AP) — A look at Nasdaq 10 most-active stocks at the close of trading:

Cisco Systems Inc. rose .5 percent to $19.92 with 21,965,700 shares traded.

Facebook Inc. fell 1.6 percent to $26.51 with 32,436,700 shares traded.

Intel Corp. was unchanged at $20.65 with 22,290,800 shares traded.

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. fell 10.3 percent to $7.40 with 30,170,800 shares traded.

Microsoft Corp. fell .7 percent to $26.86 with 30,734,400 shares traded.

News Corp A fell 1.0 percent to $24.91 with 11,896,100 shares traded.

Oracle Corp. was unchanged at $33.61 with 13,150,000 shares traded.

Research in Motion Ltd. rose 11.5 percent to $11.83 with 70,046,300 shares traded.

Sirius XM Radio Inc. fell .8 percent to $2.93 with 18,718,900 shares traded.

Zynga Inc. rose 2.6 percent to $2.39 with 18,297,800 shares traded.

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