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Tips on bringing out your inner Frida Kahlo

Some pointers on bringing out your inner Frida Kahlo by adopting the look made famous by the Mexican surrealist painter:


HAIR: Part your hair in the middle and make two braids using a colorful ribbon, or a scarf if you want more volume. Wrap them in an updo. Hide the ends of the scarf by pinning large flowers on top of the braids.


MAKE-UP: Kahlo greatly exaggerated her uni-brow in her morbid self-portraits, but you don't have to stop plucking your eyebrows. Just use brown powder to fill in as much as you like. Wear red lipstick, pink blush and soft eye shadow.


DRESS: If you can't find a "huipil," a loose blouse or tunic hand woven by Indians in Mexico, try any other loose and short blouse with a floral pattern, preferably embroidered. It can be velvet, silk or other fabric. Don't try to match the blouse with Kahlo's signature full, long skirt. They are supposed to mismatch. The skirt should be more discrete, plain-colored or with a soft pattern. Kahlo liked to concentrate attention on the top to hide her thin right leg. Accessorize the look with a shawl, scarf or even a creative capelet or man's vest.


JEWELRY: Kahlo loved indigenous designs for necklaces and large, chunky rings on almost every finger. Her earrings were often gold and big, but she also wore silver jewelry. You can use vintage-looking necklaces that are long chains wrapped around the neck two times or more. There is a YouTube tutorial, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTNLPhYi0NI , on using Barbie doll hands to make a copy of Kahlo's hand earrings, a gift from Pablo Picasso.


SHOES: Wear shiny Oxfords or boots with a medium platform. The more designs on the front, the better. Instead of laces, use black ribbons and tie them in a bow.

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