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ND lawmakers want to keep Mont., Canada tax breaks

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota lawmakers say they want to keep sales tax breaks for Montana and Canadian residents who shop in North Dakota.

Montana shoppers can get a refund of North Dakota's sales tax when they buy goods in the state. Montana doesn't have a sales tax, and North Dakota merchants say the break helps draw shoppers.

Canadians have to pay North Dakota sales taxes on the goods they buy, but they can get a refund. The state Tax Department has paid almost $2.2 million in refunds this year.

The North Dakota Legislature's Taxation Committee won't support proposals to get rid of the tax breaks.

Fargo Rep. Jim Kasper says the state has enough revenue. Williston Rep. Patrick Hatlestad says Montana shoppers will stay away if they have to pay North Dakota's sales tax.

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