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Egypt court: Execution for 14 in Sinai attacks

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian court has sentenced 14 members of a militant Islamic group to death by hanging for attacks against police last year in the Sinai Peninsula.

The court ruled Monday that men are members of the Islamic militant group el-Tawhid wi el-Jihad that carried out the deadly 2011 attacks against civilians and policemen in northern Sinai's el-Arish city.

Egypt's top religious cleric approved the executions as is customary for death sentences under the nation's legal system.

Another six men involved in the case were sentenced to life in prison. Four others were found not guilty.

Militants in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula are believed to have grown in numbers since last year's political upheaval. In a brazen attack, militants killed 16 Egyptian soldiers near the Egypt-Gaza-Israel border in August.

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