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American sees more delays than other airlines

Canceled flights and delays have ticked up at American Airlines this week. Here are the numbers for the five biggest U.S. airlines from Sunday through Wednesday, according to flight-tracking service FlightStats:

AMERICAN AIRLINES: Canceled 293 flights or 4 percent of its schedule, and only 44.5 percent of flights arrived on time.

UNITED AIRLINES: Canceled 43 flights, or 0.6 percent; 79.8 percent arrived on time.

DELTA AIR LINES: Canceled 10 flights, or 0.1 percent; 84.8 percent arrived on time.

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: Canceled 58 flights, or 0.5 percent; 85.5 percent arrived on time.

US AIRWAYS: Canceled 33 flights, or 0.7 percent; 84.8 percent arrived on time.

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