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Most active New York Stock Exchange-traded stocks

NEW YORK (AP) — A look at New York Stock Exchange 10 most-active stocks at the close of trading:

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. rose 1.1 percent to $3.66 with 28,338,700 shares traded.

Bank of America Corp. rose .7 percent to $9.29 with 122,733,800 shares traded.

Citigroup Inc. rose .7 percent to $34.18 with 44,328,100 shares traded.

Coca-Cola Co. fell .3 percent to $38.52 with 24,517,500 shares traded.

Corning Inc. rose 1.2 percent to $12.88 with 27,234,600 shares traded.

Ford Motor Co. rose 1.6 percent to $10.59 with 41,634,100 shares traded.

General Electric Co. rose .9 percent to $22.43 with 39,494,200 shares traded.

Pfizer Inc. rose .6 percent to $24.16 with 27,144,000 shares traded.

Regions Financial Corp. rose 5.1 percent to $7.65 with 43,571,800 shares traded.

Sprint Nextel Corp. rose 7.1 percent to $5.56 with 110,587,400 shares traded.

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