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News Summary: New Apple accessories will cost you

NEW EARPODS: Apple unveiled new earbuds that will ship with the iPhone 5 called "EarPods." They are more elliptical than current earbuds and have a smaller speaker that points into the ear canal. They are meant to be comfortable for more people and will be sold separately for $29.

CHARGER CHAGRIN: One controversial change meant to accommodate the new iPhone's slimmer body is the "Lightning" connector. It's 80 percent smaller than the previous 30-pin connector, but could require a $29 adapter, sold separately, to fit your existing speaker dock.

WIRELESS FUTURE?: Mobile marketer Venti PLC says all the new items, including speaker system and spare USB cord, could boost the cost of a new iPhone by about $400. The good news is technology companies are moving more toward wireless connection standards.

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