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News Summary: Germany pushes eurozone measures

MERKEL'S RESOLVE: Europe's financial crisis looks less menacing than it has in many months. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's willingness to put her country's financial resources and pride on the line to help save the euro currency union seems to have helped.

THE EVOLUTION: Merkel's support for the European Central Bank's bond-buying plan to lower borrowing costs for struggling member nations is the latest example of where she has taken a more pragmatic and flexible approach to the eurozone's problems than she appeared willing to do earlier on in the crisis that began nearly three years ago.

THE RISKS: Merkel has faced a fierce backlash from some quarters including inside her own party who fear it may lead to runaway inflation. But for Merkel, there appears to be no turning back. At stake is the concept of European unity that has been at the heart of German foreign policy since the end of World War II.

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