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AP Top Extended Financial Headlines At 10 a.m. EDT

Too much skin, or shirts with expletives can get you booted from flights; law backs airlines

Apple's $1B award in Samsung patents lawsuit could mean fewer smartphone options for consumers

French president says Greece must remain in euro; country seeks more time for cuts

Eli Lilly Alzheimer's drug misses study goals but offers hint of potential in early results

Tropical Storm Isaac douses Haiti, heads toward Cuba, Florida

Weak recovery leaves laid-off US workers struggling to find new jobs; most take pay cuts

AP Exclusive: Romney campaign uses secretive, high-tech data-mining to find wealthy donors

Explosion at oil refinery in Venezuela leaves 19 dead, more than 50 injured

Stocks fall on weak economic report, then rise after Bernanke hints of more action from Fed

Jobless man kills 1 outside Empire State Building, is slain by police; 9 wounded in showdown

Toyota's Hydrogen Man
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