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TD Ameritrade wants new $135M HQ to be efficient

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — TD Ameritrade's new $135 million headquarters complex in Omaha is designed to meet the most stringent standards for energy efficiency.

Officials with the online brokerage showed off the office complex, which is set to be completed next spring, to reporters on Tuesday.

Ameritrade hopes the building's design will allow it to earn U.S. Green Building Council's highest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification of platinum.

The 12-story west Omaha office tower and surrounding buildings feature three solar arrays, rooftop landscaping and insulation made out of recycled denim. It's also designed to maximize natural light.

"We wanted it to be an icon for the region," said Del Reibold, who oversees corporate construction for TD Ameritrade.

The project is also practical for Ameritrade because it will allow the company to bring all its roughly 2,000 Omaha workers together on the same complex. Currently, those workers are spread out between four different locations across the Omaha area, making it harder to collaborate.

Ameritrade has grown up in Omaha beginning with First Omaha Securities in 1975. That retail brokerage was one of the first to handle equity trades without providing investment advice. It later became Ameritrade.

Ameritrade spokeswoman Kim Hillyer said the new office tower was designed with employees in mind, and it won't include big executive suites or corner offices.

In addition to offices, the building will feature a fitness center, cafeteria, training classrooms, green space and a recreation area with video games and foosball tables. And employees will have their own air vents at their desks to control.

But much of the building's design was influenced by Ameritrade's environmental goals for the facility. So the desks will have sensors to turn off LED lighting when workers aren't there. Rainwater will be captured and used to flush the building's toilets.

Hillyer said constructing an office building this way, with energy-saving measures, does cost more up front but the efficiency should pay off with lower operating costs for Ameritrade.

The pale green color of the building's exterior glass does fit with Ameritrade's corporate color scheme, but officials say even that was an environmentally friendly choice because that's the color glass is naturally.

Reibold said the randomly spaced windows, visible from the building's outside, are designed to look like a stock trading ticker.



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