The Associated Press March 28, 2012, 4:01PM ET

Grains futures mostly fall, livestock prices fall

Grains futures mostly fell Wednesday on the Chicago Board of Trade. Wheat for May delivery fell 9 cents to $6.3075 a bushelMay corn fell 10.50 cents to $6.2025 a bushelMay oats rose 2.25 cents to $3.4225 a bushelwhile May soybeans fell 2.75 cents to $13.6750 a bushel. Beef futures and pork futures fell on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. April live cattle fell 1.15 cent to $1.2445 a poundMay feeder cattle fell 1.37 cent to $1.5370 a poundwhile June lean hogs fell 1.55 cent to 92.17 cents a pound.

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