Breakthroughs in Telemedicine

An Israeli Company Records Technological and Commercial Success

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Breakthroughs in Telemedicine –

An Israeli Company Records Technological and Commercial Success

As healthcare costs spiral, the international medical establishment is increasingly focused on the search for high quality solutions which comply with tight cost-containment programs. It is thus not surprising that telemedicine, which combines the latest advances in medical technology and communications, is becoming one of the most rapidly emerging fields in today’s competitive market. In telemedicine, medical data is transmitted via telephone from a patient’s home to a medical facility for diagnostics and monitoring – dramatically reducing or replacing hospitalization, emergency room admissions or other institutional care.

Creative Technological Responses Serve as Optimum Solutions

Against this backdrop, a pioneering Israeli company is offering optimum solutions. Card Guard, with subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Brazil, specializes in telemedicine for disease management. The company’s Internet-based telemedicine systems and monitoring devices have earned international recognition for their ability to serve as optimum alternatives for all medical circle members: patients, physicians, hospitals and insurance companies.

Developed to meet the needs of high-risk and chronically ill patients, Card Guards’ leading edge systems for the home care market enable fast, reliable, cost-effective and regular monitoring of cardiac, asthma and obstetric patients.

In a Card Guard system, monitoring devices transmit medical date via a telephone line to the medical receiving center, enabling real-time medical consultation.

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Data from emergency calls made by high-risk cardiac patients using Card Guard Systems show that 80% of the patients are treatable by phone, 12% by an ambulance staff, and only 8% require hospital admission.

Features and FunctionalityCard Guard

Card Guard is unique in that it provides the widest array of products of any telemedicine company: it is the only firm offering both software and hardware systems. together with devices for three major medical fields: Cardiology, Pulmonology and Ob/Gyn. By using Card Guard systems, physicians and patients in these medical disciplines are able to monitor health status around the clock.

Comprehensive Range

The Card Guard product line includes complete software-hardware packages for telemedicine centers. The scalable network package consists of 3-200 workstations and a server connected over a Windows NT 4 network, and of Card Guard’s specially developed Telemedicine 2000 software – a GUI application written in JAVA, providing access to patients’ parameters stored in the Oracle 8 database. Also available is a stand-alone system, consisting of one PC and the Telemedicine 2000 application. Card Guard’s Cardiology product line comprises a full range of 1 to 12-lead ECG monitoring devices with transtelephonic/cellular phone capabilities for both cardiac patients and physicians. Among these transmitters are a diagnostic 12-lead ECG device, memory loop monitors with 6-memory capacity, and a pace maker follow-up monitor. In the Pulmonology field, Card Guard’s portable SpiroPhone enables lung function monitoring fir CF and asthmatic patients. For Obstetrics, the portable fetal monitor is ideal for high-risk pregnancies.

Faster Treatment=Higher Survivability

The systems have proven their ability to reduce the average time to treatment-a key survival factor in emergency situations-from four hours to 40 minutes.

Today, Card Guard’s telemedicine systems, including tens of thousands of personal monitoring units, are being used in over 25 countries worldwide. Medical receiving centers are operational in North America, the Far East and the Middle East.

Advantageous, Accessible, Affordable

With Card Guard, everyone benefits. The self-administered tests, accessible from any location via a regular or cell phone, provide patients with lower health care costs while at the same time improving care via faster diagnoses and greater comfort. Physicians gain quicker access to patient data, enabling a patient to be continuously or periodically monitored. For medical institutions and insurance companies, substantial savings are realized through fewer hospital admissions and earlier diagnoses. Improved quality of health is the overall benefit, as Card Guard users receive high quality medical care without any sacrifice to their quality of life.

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