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Message From the President

Akihiro Nikkaku

Toray, currently a major supplier of basic materials to the manufacturing sector, aims at being the global leader in advanced material technology. Our four core technologies: organic synthetic chemistry; polymer chemistry; biotechnology; and nanotechnology help us to realize the objective, […]

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Message From the CTO

Koichi Abe

Ever since its establishment, Toray industries has promoted research and technical development in advanced materials, based on the firm conviction that research and technical development provide the keys to building the Toray of tomorrow.

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hitoe – A Marriage of Complementary Technologies


When innovators from various fields come together, it’s possible that something truly original could emerge. Such is the case with hitoe, a wearable sensor that’s integrated into a garment to measure and transmit its wearer’s bodily condition to a monitoring […]

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Always Finding Solutions – Fibers & Textiles

S ENG_11d

Toray, in partnership with Fast Retailing (Uniqlo), has developed a new kind of winter apparel that has been on the market since 2003. The HEATTECH brand name is now a familiar one to customers worldwide, with many millions of garments […]

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Always Finding Solutions – Films

Always Finding Solutions--Films

Toray’s expertise in developing innovative film technology is displayed in two unique coating products: • The TUFTOP coating film is almost miraculous in its ability to heal itself in a matter of mere seconds if it is scratched. This unique […]

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Always Finding Solutions – Plastics

T ENG_05b

When automotive engineers are attempting to improve fuel efficiency, especially in the design of hybrid or electric vehicles, they often seek a substitute for metal. Such a material must be resistant to heat, and must provide weight reduction when compared […]

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