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When automotive engineers are attempting to improve fuel efficiency, especially in the design of hybrid or electric vehicles, they often seek a substitute for metal. Such a material must be resistant to heat, and must provide weight reduction when compared to metal. PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) resin, such as Toray’s TORELINA, meets these requirements.

When used to replace metal in some automotive parts, such as power modules, TORELINA contributes to the overall weight reduction of a vehicle, and makes a contribution to fuel economy.

By partnering with Toray as the supplier of TORELINA, engineers in fields such as automobile design, rail engineering, domestic appliance design, IT equipment production and robotics development have taken advantage of Toray’s quality control, guaranteeing consistently high quality, and a reliable source of supply.

The Toray Group continues to develop world-changing new products, working with our partners to push the limits of materials technology to enhance lives. Watch the video.