Always Finding Solutions – Films

Always Finding Solutions--Films

Toray’s expertise in developing innovative film technology is displayed in two unique coating products:

• The TUFTOP coating film is almost miraculous in its ability to heal itself in a matter of mere seconds if it is scratched. This unique material is used to cover the surfaces of notebook PCs, tablets and smartphones.

• As a result of the use of nano-layering technology, with up to 1,000 polymer layers—each with a thickness of a few nanometers—Toray’s PICASUS film gives a metallic mirror-like appearance to products coated with it. Though the front of this unique film reflects light, light can pass through from the back to the front, allowing PICASUS to be used for coating device displays. In addition, since the film is non-metallic, electromagnetic waves such as radio waves can pass through easily. This property has led to the use of PICASUS in the design of an ever-increasing number of mobile communication devices.

These two examples of advanced materials technology showcase the Toray Group’s ability to produce products that might otherwise be thought to be impossible.

The Toray Group continues to develop world-changing new products, working with our partners to push the limits of materials technology to enhance lives. Watch the video.