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Toray, in partnership with Fast Retailing (Uniqlo), has developed a new kind of winter apparel that has been on the market since 2003. The HEATTECH brand name is now a familiar one to customers worldwide, with many millions of garments having been sold since the introduction of this technology, which has changed winter fashions.

The challenge when developing this revolutionary new clothing was to capture and retain the wearer’s body heat.

Once this goal had been met, Toray and Uniqlo continued to develop and enhance wearability by making the garments thin and comfortable, and have added such features as anti-odor and humidity control to HEATTECH’s capabilities.

HEATTECH clothing is now making lives more comfortable around the world.

The Toray Group continues to develop world-changing new products, working with our partners to push the limits of materials technology to enhance lives. Watch the video.

* HEATTECH is a registered trademark of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.