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Dec. 25, 2000/Jan. 1, 2001

Where to Invest
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The economy is slowing. Tech stocks are in the tank. Profits are harder to come by. Sure, investing is tougher these days. But there are lots of bright spots even in this environment

Smarter Bets for Tougher Times 

The Framework

Brrr. Suddenly, the economic climate isn't so balmy. And while no one is predicting an outright recession, most forecasters believe the risks to growth are rising

Will the Slowdown Become a Slump? 

ONLINE EXTRA: Video with BW's Kathleen Madigan

TABLE: Business Week Economic Forecast Survey for 2001 (.pdf) 

Strategies For Stocks

Out with the New Economy and in with the Old? From scary high-tech issues to solid small-caps to tricky global stocks, here's the revised game plan

Retro Fashion for the New Market 

ONLINE EXTRA: Video with Furman Selz's John Morosani

ONLINE EXTRA: Video with BW's Marcia Vickers

Why the Experts Are Upbeat 

TABLE: Business Week Market Forecast Survey for 2001 (.pdf) 

BW/Harris Poll: The Bull Slows to a Trot 

Tech Stocks: Still Looking for the Bottom 

These Oldies Are Goodies 

ONLINE EXTRA: Video with J.P. Morgan's Christopher Wolfe

Biotech Should Keep Rolling 

"Screaming Buys" among the Small Fry 

REITs Still Offer a Solid Defense 

Financial Stocks: Here's Where the Easy Money Ends 

Some Dot-Com Jewels Will Shine Again 

Europe: After the Bubble Bursts 

Asia: Diving for Pearls? Steel Your Nerves 

Latin America: All Eyes on Argentina 

It's Boom Time for the Shorts 

2000: The Triumphs and the Turkeys 

Economics: How Risky Is the Risk Premium? 

The Pros Picks: Where the Buys Are 

The Investment Spectrum

Hold on to your prospectuses--big-cap growth and tech mutual funds are out, and value funds are in. Meanwhile, bonds could pay off--or blow up in your face--and art is an iffy proposition

Mutual Funds: A Year Upside Down 

ONLINE EXTRA: Video with Janus' John Schreiber

ONLINE EXTRA: Video with BW's Anne Tergesen

Bonds: Backing the Right Horse 

A Blue Period for Art Buyers 

The Investment Scoreboard

Nine hundred companies, 24 industries, and a wealth of data--in other words, just what you need to make wiser choices

It's Back to Basics for Stock Investors 

The 2001 Investment Outlook Scoreboard (.pdf) 


The Barker Portfolio
Low-Priced Help--That Isn't Worth It 

Inside Wall Street
Asyst Can Assist 

Mesaba Airlines Is Set to Climb Higher 

PRWW: A Fast Track through the FDA 

 Investing Forums

ebiz magazine Cover for Dec. 25, 2000 issue of BW
Cover Art by Danny Palevin

Video Views

Watch, listen, profit: A series of streaming video interviews and commentary on investing in 2001

Furman Selz's John Morosani

BW's Marcia Vickers

BW's Kathleen Madigan

J.P. Morgan's Christopher Wolfe

Janus' John Schreiber

BW's Anne Tergesen

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