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Dec. 4, 2000

frontier Magazine
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Forecast 2001: What's Next?
Divining the future is big business for these small companies. After reading the tea leaves, they have some predictions on how 2001 will shake out for entrepreneurs

ONLINE EXTRA: Table: Looking for the Ceiling on Office Rents 
At these prices, more small companies may be forced to relocate

Wireless Future 
Next time someone calls you "plugged in," it may be an insult. New cutting-edge tools cut the cord on palmtops and PCs and turn airport lounges into instant offices

ONLINE EXTRA: The Standard Complaint: Nothing Works With Everything 
For now, a mish-mash of systems prevail on the Wireless Web

ONLINE EXTRA: E-Mail with No Wires Attached 
A host of new services make sure you get the message

ONLINE EXTRA: Vortal Combat: The Early Years 
Voice portals aren't perfect yet, but they're not useless, either

ONLINE EXTRA: So Long, Computer Cable?  
An affordable, wireless LAN is a good idea catching on fast in companies and homes

A Startup Diary 
David Friend had every reason to be confident when he started eYak. He had already made a ton of money creating other companies from scratch. So why has his newest tech venture been such a difficult ride?

ONLINE EXTRA: A Guide to Starting a Business 
A step-by-step look at how to get a new company up and running


A few choice words from our readers

Making hackers hate you, moving the goal line for federal contracts, entrepreneur chic, and more

ONLINE EXTRA: Entrepreneurs' Optimism Wanes a Little 
A new survey shows the economic slowdown is leading small-biz owners to

The Net Before Christmas 
A lot of small businesses are using the Web to get out the message this holiday season. Plus companies stash cash, startups in Brazil, and the $10,000 question

ONLINE EXTRA: Naughty or Nice: How to Do Christmas E-Mail Promotions 
The trick is to make it effective without making customers feel spammed

Who's Hot
The Littlest PC 
David Feldman's MachZ, a "PC on a chip," cuts computing down to Lilliputian size

ONLINE EXTRA: The Digital Detectives 
The Net can be a tough neighborhood. Michael Allison tracks down the bad guys

ONLINE EXTRA: A Short Strange Trip From Hacker to Entrepreneurs 
The notorious group called L0pht has gone mainstream, complete with VC funding. But its image could scare off corporate clients

Instant Expert
It used to be strictly for big business, but now it's almost as easy as making a phone call

Washington Wish List 
Never mind who the President is. Here's what entrepreneurs really want from Washington this year

ONLINE EXTRA: Small Business Girds For Gridlock in Washington  
The uncertain Presidency and close congressional margins spell trouble for reforms entrepreneurs want to see enacted. But staying with the status quo beats going on the defensive

ONLINE EXTRA: Small We the E-People: Small Businesses Rule Voting on the Web  
Joe Mohen brings missionary zeal to the notion of online voting--and sees ways to make a buck at it

ONLINE EXTRA: Rocking The Vote: A Guide to Small Business Issues 
In the New Economy, as old loyalties shift, entrepreneurs' votes are up for grabs

Global Reach
War at the Front Door 
Some people might have reservations about opening a hotel in Ramallah. Not Abdel Hamid Kased

ONLINE EXTRA: From Our Archives 
Read more about global entrepreneurs

The Brutal Tutor 
F. Reid Buckley uses tough-love tactics to teach executives how to get the words out

ONLINE EXTRA: Windfall Profits 
It started as a joke. But Linda Katz's tumbleweed on-the-Web startup isn't just in Kansas anymore

ONLINE EXTRA: OK, Back to Work  
Susan Webb's staffing services carve out a unique niche by helping people with disabilities find jobs

Digital Manager
ASPing for Trouble 
Application service providers were supposed to make your life easier. What happened?

ONLINE EXTRA: What to Ask When You Look at an ASP 
They're guilty of hyping expectations. Here's a reality check

ONLINE EXTRA: A Low-Risk Strategy for Managing Tech Change 
One-stop services are good in theory; now if they can only execute

Random Access
Handheld Security, Data Dump 
Biometric devices and cloning drives

Life & Co.
Women's Work 
Women entrepreneurs overseas have a lot of life lessons for you

Under 30
Winning at Cards 
J.R. Badian's business plan is so simple, it fits on the back of a postcard. In fact, it is a postcard

frontier magazine Cover for Dec. 4, 2000 issue of frontier
Cover photograph by Andrew Brusso

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