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Nov. 20, 2000 Magazine
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Laying It On the Line  
Bernie Ebbers, telecom's swaggering cowboy, delivered a profit warning and an apology to WorldCom investors on Nov. 1. They responded by lopping $17 billion more off his company's market cap. Now, with its long-distance business unraveling, Ebbers sees salvation in the Internet. But visionary Vice-Chairman John Sidgmore is growing increasingly detached and could soon be on his way out. Has too much time passed for WorldCom to become a player in high-value Internet services?

Logistics Is Suddenly Sexy  
Both dot-coms and Old Economy companies are turning their attention and dollars to the mundane business of delivering the goods on time

Nabisco: One Smart Cookie  
It's using the Web to coordinate orders, and share warehouses and trucks with other manufacturers

Warehouse Trouble  
The dot-com shakeout comes just as e-fulfillment outfits are gearing up to deliver Christmas goods

ONLINE EXTRA: Q&A with Kevin Lynch of Nistevo  


Our Readers Write  

Home Page  
Software to catch e-adulterers, an Idiot's Guide to not much, prospects for an online delivery service, a gibberish generator

Going for Gold at BlueLight  
Parent Kmart considers him a bit pushy, but CEO Mark Goldstein aims to make its online retailer leader of the pack

Making Her Own Luck  
If Ellen Hancock can mastermind new services for Web hoster Exodus, her old job setbacks will be a laughing matter

Web Smart Companies
Wired at Webcor  
The San Mateo builder's embrace of technology makes it stand out in the risk-averse construction industry

ONLINE EXTRA: .Q&A with Andy Ball of Webcor  

3M: Glued to the Web  
An online strategy has enabled it to finesse problems with deliveries, inconsistent data, and inventory levels

Getting You Out of Gridlock  
TrafficStation will need partners to deliver customized traffic information to drivers anytime, anywhere

ONLINE EXTRA: Q&A with Shane Coppola of Westwood One  

Keep the Excess Moving  
In a huge market for surplus goods, online exchange TradeOut is growing, but it faces a wealth of rival sites

Net Culture
Making a Killing Online  
There's little to discourage the sale of "murderabilia" and a whole range of equally unthinkable items

ONLINE EXTRA: An Underground Market Moves to Mainstream America  

A Fruitful Relationship  
Old Economy giant P&G and New Economy startup Plumtree are profiting from a joint software project

Net Worth
Rage Against Online Brokers  
Most spend more on building brand and acquiring customers than on service, and complaints are soaring

Stock Info for the Masses  
Multex has stayed ahead of investor demands--and so far, even has a profit to show for it

ONLINE EXTRA: For Full Service Brokers, Is "Not the Enemy"  


Neuborne on E-tailing
Seamless Shopping  
Brick-and-mortar stores have finally integrated their online operations in time for high season

Data Mine
Grandma Gets the Net  
Older women are flocking to the Net in droves, but sites aren't tailored to their sensibilities

Clicks & Misses
Priceline: Going...Going...Gone?  
We found shopping for travel was good; long-distance phone service and cars--nah

Diss My Web Site, Please  
Jakob Nielsen believes the best design critics are users

The Digital Lifestyle
Weird Names and Ham  
Where descriptive words go in herds, and goofy names hide empty domains

Net Worth: Due Diligence
It Ain't Over 'til It's Over  
The shorts are betting against Global Sports, but it may very well survive

ONLINE EXTRA: What a Delayed IPO Means for Verizon Wireless  
In last month's, we warned you that Verizon Wireless' IPO looked dicey. What's in store for the company now that it has shelved the deal?

Critical Numbers of the Month  
The IPO market is getting tougher and more companies are giving up on their IPO dreams as pink slips pile up

Cutting Edge
Look, Ma, No Humans  
A few years from now, most e-commerce will be carried out by machines

 Technology Forums

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On the Cover: Illustration by Daniel Adel

The Web Site for Electronic Business

This Week
November 13-17

So What's Plan B?

Spinning out a dot-com subsidiary was all the rage. No more. What's next?
by Heather Green

Calling Dr. Soros

Most people had given up for dead. Not investor George Soros. Can he help revive the off-price online retailer?
Company Closeup
by Faith Keenan

Shorts vs. Sports

Short sellers are betting big time that Global Sports is doomed. CEO Michael Rubin is out to prove them wrong.
Movers & Shakers
by Heather Green

The Net2Phone Puzzle

Using phones to tap the Internet is going mainstream, thanks to AOL and Yahoo! So why is pioneer Net2Phone sinking?
Street Wise
by Amey Stone

Move Over, Priceline

The airlines have started their own cheap tix site, We offer an assessment of the interloper.
Clicks & Misses
by Timothy J. Mullaney

Disappearing Inc. lets you get rid of unwanted e-mail--for good.

A profile of social critic Jeremy Rifkin, whose latest target is e-business and "hypercapitalism."

We try out shopping bot


Get a firsthand perspective on the issues.

Andy Ball, president of Webcor, talks about how the Internet is changing construction.

Shane Coppola of Westwood One assesses the prospects for making money from traffic and other information via the mobile Web.

Kevin Lynch, CEO of Nistevo, explains Net-powered logistics.

Andy Kahan, a victims' rights advocate in the Houston mayor's office, discusses the dark side of online auctions.
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Design maven Jakob Nielsen watches people browse around on a Web site to gain valuable insights into usability. In the case of, the invention and inspiration exchange put off its launch to fix the problems. We'll show you what didn't work--and what does.

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Seeking Profits from Nonprofits
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