The Web Smart 50
Making a science out of coddling the consumer

Lands' End
» The Project: To pamper online shoppers with cutting-edge customer service features such as a virtual model tailored to each customer's body measurements.
» The Payoff: Lands' End more than doubled online sales last year, limiting the damage from ongoing problems with the company's merchandise mix.

Progressive Insurance
» The Project: To use global-positioning satellites, wireless devices, and the Web to reach auto accidents fast--sometimes even before police--and resolve claims more quickly and cheaply.
» The Payoff: Progressive can influence who tows the truck, boost the accuracy of accident reports, and cut the length of time needed to rent loaner cars.

Charles Schwab
» The Project: Be one of the first to give customers the flexibility of trading stocks online, and help them decide where to invest those dollars.
» The Payoff: Schwab is the No.1 online broker, with 4.1 million online accounts and a 21% share of online trades.

Southwest Airlines
» The Project: To make buying tickets online irresistible by emphasizing simplicity and speed over whizzy features.
» The Payoff: Web sales are almost 30% of revenues, saving $80 million on agent commissions and other overhead.

Singapore Government
» The Project: To slash long waits and simplify the process of getting government services.
» The Payoff: Residents have filed 1.5 million online school registrations, permit applications, and other requests in the last year.

» The Project: Launched myboeingfleet.com to give airlines Web access to maintenance information for their fleets.
» The Payoff: Boeing saves big bucks on paper, printing, and postage. Airlines benefit by not having to manage paper.

Ocean Spray
» The Project: To link cranberry farmers to Ocean Spray's database and get fast feedback on crop quality and market conditions.
» The Payoff: Farmers can earn more by harvesting at the optimal time. Ocean Spray gets better quality berries.

» The Project: Online statistical analysis software that gives execs more information about consumer tastes, including regional and demographic differences.
» The Payoff: Helps target products to the right markets, and saves time and data-crunching costs.

Dorothy Lane Market
» The Project: To build a Web site that promotes the store's specials while letting managers concentrate marketing dollars on discounts for regular customers.
» The Payoff: Sales rose 10% and profit margins jumped to 3% from 2%, aided by the elimination of most outside advertising in favor of promotions over the Web.

Advance Paradigm
» The Project: To reduce errors in filling prescriptions using a Web site that lets insurers and doctors review patient records stored in Advance Paradigm's database.
» The Payoff: Health plans save nearly $3 per prescription, while doctors save about $14,000 per year by trimming time spent fixing prescription mixups.

» The Project: To orchestrate satellites, software, and the Web to deliver cement and concrete faster.
» The Payoff: Deliveries can be pinpointed to within 20 minutes, down from three hours in 1995, cutting clients' construction time by up to 20%.

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